Emergency Care For You

Travel Recommendations For Those Over 65

Increasing numbers of older and retired persons are taking full advantage of the pleasures of domestic and international travel. Although travel is an enjoyable experience for many in retirement, mishaps can lead to the need for emergency medical attention away from home.

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Staying Safe and Healthy in Old Age

Older people have special health care needs and considerations. As people age, their bodies and minds may start to decline, and they may become less energetic and mobile and start to have health problems.

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Elderly and Falls

Falls are the number one cause of injury-related deaths in the elderly. An estimated 2.7 million persons ages 65 and older in United States are treated for falls at emergency departments, according the to the National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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Top 10 Tips for Taking an Elderly Parent to the Emergency Department

With America's rapidly growing elderly population, some more likely to have multiple, chronic health problems, the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) wants to arm caregivers with the necessary information for when they need to seek emergency care.

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7 Step Challenge

ACEP has created a video designed to give people who have accidentally fallen – especially our more vulnerable elderly population – easy steps to avoid falls. It’s called the “7 Step Fall Challenge.” It’s designed to help people fight falls.

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