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Five Questions About Delirium

Sarah brings her dad, George, to the Emergency Department after coming to his house this morning and finding him reading yesterday’s paper. George called her by her sister’s name, he had his slippers on the wrong feet. Her dad was sharp and completely independent when she checked on him yesterday. What is going on with George?

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Legalization of Marijuana in Michigan – What you need to know

The passage of recreational marijuana will result in more people needing emergency care, where it has been tied to increases in traffic accidents, accidental ingestions by children and in some cases, mental health issues, including psychosis and delusions.

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Consejos de salud y seguridad para personas mayores después de una visita al departamento de emergencia

Si usted es una persona mayor y tiene una emergencia de salud, es importante que se cuide después de salir del departamento de emergencias.

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Health and Safety Tips for Seniors After an Emergency Department Visit

If you are a senior citizen and you have a health emergency, it is important to take care of yourself after you leave the emergency department. There are symptoms to monitor and risks you can manage that help avoid a return trip to the hospital.

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Who Are We? What Do We Do?

I am an emergency medicine physician. I save lives. From heart attacks to strokes to car crashes, we are here for you on the worst day of your life.

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