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Safe Citizen Day

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Do YOU know how to respond to a disaster?

The American College of Emergency Physicians recommends that everyone prepare a Disaster Plan long before disaster strikes.  Our goal is to help everyone learn how to become a Safe Citizen.

peopleTo develop a Disaster Plan, start with these steps:

  • Assemble a disaster supplies kit, which will include an evacuation box.

  • Become familiar with designated evacuation routes and plan one or two alternative routes. Know the safest route to emergency shelters.
  • Set two or three meeting places if the family is not together when disaster occurs and communication is disrupted. Make sure everyone in the family knows how to get there.
  • Learn about emergency plans in your child’s school or day care center and in the community.

  • Make sure all family members can recognize danger signals (e.g., smoke detector alarm) and the warning signals (sirens, radio or television messages) your community uses, as well as what to do if they hear them.

  • Make sure all adults in the house know how and when to turn off gas, water and electricity.

  • Keep a battery-powered radio and flashlight in a safe, accessible location. Check the batteries every six months.

  • Choose an out-of-state family contact, and make sure everyone knows how to contact this person in case you become separated in an emergency.

  • Place emergency phone numbers on each phone and make sure children know how and when to use them. These should include 911 or an EMS telephone number, fire department, ambulance, physician, poison control, neighbors, and an out-of-town contact, typically a relative or close family friend.

  • Know how to help the elderly and people with special needs, especially if specific medical equipment or medication is required.

roadkitTo learn about preparing for disasters, the American College of Emergency Physicians offers many resources, including:


• A complete Family Disaster Preparedness Guide, covering everything from earthquakes to explosions,

• A complete list of supplies to include in your family disaster supply kit,

• Step-by-step instructions on how to develop a disaster response plan, and

Disaster Hero, a video game designed to teach families how to prepare for all types of hazards or emergencies.


 To help encourage people to plan ahead for disasters, ACEP  has designated EMS Safety Day during EMS Week 2017 "Safe Citizen Day." Mark May 23rd as the day you and your family take your first steps to becoming prepared Safe Citizens! 
Download The Safe Citizen Day Flyer