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Prepare for Disasters

Family Disaster Preparedness Guide

There are numerous family disasters that can occur, but many ways to prepare for them are similar. ACEP recommends that families first identify what types of disasters are common in their region. This information can be obtained from local emergency management offices or American Red Cross chapters. Next, ACEP recommends developing a family disaster-preparedness plan that deals with each type of possible situation.

Some information from this section was extracted from the Family Readiness Kit, developed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the American Red Cross, and from the U.S. Government's Homeland Security Department and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. For more detailed information about preparing for disasters, visit the FEMA website at www.fema.gov

Disaster-Specific Tips

The following tips are for specific disasters and supplement the general disaster advice give previously. This information does not represent all the ways to prepare and respond. For more specific information, visit the FEMA website at www.fema.gov.