The Emergency Manual is a comprehensive guide to preventing and responding to medical emergencies.


Who Takes Care Of You In An Emergency?

Find out about the medical professionals who save lives every day and are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality of emergency care.

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Is It An Emergency?

Learn the basic warning signs of adult and childhood medical emergencies.  Correctly interpreting and acting on these signs could save your life or the life of a loved one.

Also learn how emergency departments are organized and what happens when you come.

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What To Do In A Medical Emergency

Lean the specific warning signs and how to respond to emergencies from A to Z.

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How To Perform CPR

Know what to do when someone stops breathing or has a heart attack.  This information may save a life.

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How To Prevent Medical Emergencies

Make your home safe using the home safety checklist and find out what to keep in your home first aid kit.  Learn how to prevent childhood injuries and what to do for children with  special needs.  Protect older adults from falls, and practice safety and avoid getting sick when you travel by automobile, by cruse ship or overseas.

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Holiday And Seasonal Safety

Stay safe all year round with important safety tips for every season and on holidays.



Family Disaster Preparedness

Being prepared for disasters can increase your chances of survival.  Develop a disaster plan for your family that includes the most common disasters in your area, such as hurricanes, tornadoes and acts of terrorism.

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Medical Forms

Having medical information is critical in an emergency and may save a life.  Download these forms to record your family’s medical history or provide consent-to-treat.  Take them with you when you seek emergency care.


Legal Issues

Learn about Good Samaritan laws, which are put in place to encourage rescuers who voluntarily help others in emergency situations without fear of later being sued by the victim for making a mistake or causing further harm.


End of Life Issues

The process of dying, a phase often referred to as "the end of life" can be puzzling and frightening to patients and caregivers.



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