ER Heroes

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Profiles of the doctors and emergency rooms from across the country that are the everyday heroes of emergency medicine.

  • All His Children

    Dr. Craig Lambrecht makes life a little "sweeter" for severely burned kids in Iraq

  • Great Reads

    The “ER Books” program at St. Mary’s of Michigan in Saginaw help kids better deal with their ailments 

  • Humanitarian at Heart

    An emergency physician making a difference in dangerous and disadvantaged places, Dr. Michael VanRooyen lays the groundwork for international relief efforts

  • Is There a Doctor on Board?

    Dr. Richard Stennes talks about practicing emergency medicine aboard cruise ships

  • Look Who’s Talking

    Emergency physician Dr. Billy Goldberg finds new creative outlets for medicine

  • Pet Project

    Pets help put patients at ease at Penn State's medical center in Hershey, Pa.

  • The Multitasker

    For Dr. Leigh Vinocur, emergency medicine and broadcast journalism go hand in hand

  • The Ouchless ED

    Tear-free treatment with Dr. Dannenberg and the ER team at the pediatric emergency department at Stanford University  

  • Touching the Top of the World

    Dr. Luanne Freer brings critical medical care to Mount Everest climbers and the Sherpas who help them

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