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 An ER visit can be confusing and stressful, no matter what your age. Knowing what to expect and being prepared can help speed up the process and relieve some anxiety.


While not all emergency departments use the exact same processes, most have similar approaches to caring for patients.


Where Should I Go?
If you are experiencing a life­threatening emer­gency, call 9­1­1 or your local emergency number.


Check In
When you walk into the waiting room, the first thing you will do is check in at the front desk.


Medical Tests
Your physician will obtain a thorough history and perform a physical exam in order to treat you.


Admission to the Hospital
If you are very sick or injured, or if extensive tests or surgery are needed, you may be admitted to the hospital. 


Your ER ChecklistsPDF icon
To prepare for medical emergencies, the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) has developed checklists of how to prepare for an emergency. These are not intended to be comprehensive lists.


Vital Signs

Meet the Team

Medical History Forms

Home First Aid Kit  

Traveler's First Aid Kit (PDF)

Emergency Manual Homepage 

Seconds Save Lives brochure (PDF)

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