Advancing Emergency Care

 Mylan - Allergic Reaction Toolkit

Anaphylaxis Discharge Toolkit Now Available 

Avoidance of allergic triggers is the critical first step in managing life-threatening allergies, but allergic triggers are not always obvious, such as an indirect exposure to a food allergen. Accidental exposure resulting in anaphylaxis can happen anywhere, so patients need to be aware of how to deal with the onset of anaphylaxis. This new emergency department discharge toolkit offers an emergency care plan, prescription reminders, resources for adults and teens and much more. This comprehensive anaphylaxis toolkit will help make sure your patients are more prepared to deal with an allergic reaction, and most of its content is available in English and Spanish. 


Furniture Safety 

Beware of Falling Furniture!
The nation’s emergency physicians handle tragic situations too often, but few things are more upsetting than the sudden death of a child — killed by a piece of a furniture, appliance or a television falling on them.   


Children in Hot CarsThe most precious cargo you carry in your car is your child. But temperatures INSIDE the car are much hotter than outside. Never intentionally leave a child alone in a hot car, and to prevent fatal accidents, always LOOK BEFORE YOU LOCK. 








Unintentional falls are the leading injury-related reason for why people seek emergency care, with almost 9 million visits occurring each year.



Saving Millions

Emergency departments are the hub for medical issues that come up suddenly and urgently, whether it’s the aftermath of a mass casualty event like the bombings in Boston, or a growing number of patients being referred by primary care doctors.
In an effort to help the public and lawmakers understand the unique role of the emergency department team and to bolster support to overcome the many challenges we face, ACEP launched a campaign in May 2013 called “Saving Millions” with a series of print ads, radio messages and a coordinated editorials in influential communications nationwide.