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Cats, Dogs and Dander....Oh My!

Perhaps you have had to visit relatives with pets, or fly on an airline that allows pets on the plane? Maybe you love animals, but you are very allergic to cats and dogs?

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Thank Your Emergency Room Physician

Thousands of emergency physicians work around the clock to care for millions of patients each year. In times of disaster or trauma, in your community or on the battlefield — and whether you or a loved one have an allergic reaction, broken bone or other aches and pains, whatever your emergency may be, an emergency physician is there for you, ready to provide care and help you heal.

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Dear Patient: A Letter from Your Emergency Physician

I’m sorry I had to meet you tonight. I know that just by ending up in my ER, you’ve had a bad day, perhaps even the worst day of your life. Thank you for trusting me to share in that day.

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Your Summer Guide to Bug Bites & Skin Rashes

Summer is here, the sun is out, and so is our skin. It’s important to know when to treat at home, when to see a doctor, and keep in mind some basic prevention tips.

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